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Personal Lead Generation
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Comprehensive Contact Manager

Innovative Success System has been designed to track contact information, log tasks, and update prospect status with ease. It features a state-of-the-art user interface, and point-and-click customization features such as:

  • Dynamic Calendar with Alerts & Reminders
  • Virtual Prospecting Notepad
  • One-Touch Emails
  • Phone Scripts
  • Intuitive Prospect Sorting
  • Integrated Google Maps - Prospect's Local Weather and Demographics

Rapid Response Assistant™

Rapid Response Assistant takes the worry out of follow-up. This powerful time saving prospect interaction feature helps you choose an appropriate follow up action to the most common prospect responses.

With just the click of the mouse Rapid Response Assistant will instantaneously, Send a One-Touch Email, Schedule a Follow-Up Task, Log a Note, Update Prospect's Pipeline Status and more... all in seconds. It's just that easy.

Personal Lead Generation

Generate your own leads - save time and money with the My Website feature. Choose from our wide selection of professionally designed Custom Capture Pages that feature designs targeting a variety of verticals including Eco-Friendly, Family, Stay at Home Moms, Travel, and Christian.

Looking for a Team Specific Custom Capture page? We can make that happen. Ask us for more information on Innovative Success System for Teams.

Advanced Search Options & Zip Code Proximity Seeker

The powerful prospect sort and search options make life easier by allowing you to locate prospects using a wide variety of information including name, time zone, and email.

Coming Soon. You can take sorting a step further and save hours of time with the Zip Code Proximity Seeker. This amazing function allows you to look for prospects in your local area, or out of town convention and events by pinpointing leads located in any designated radius from the zip code you choose.

Email Auto Responder

Take the hassle out of long term email marketing. The Email Auto Responder feature gives you the freedom to set up your campaign once, then walk away and let the system work its magic. Choose from a variety of professionally written campaigns or create your own using one of our cutting edge templates. Then set your campaign to automatically reach your prospects over and over again at the intervals you specify.

One-Touch Emails

For further recruiting convenience, Innovative Success System comes pre-loaded with a library of handy, customizable, One-Touch Emails. These professionally written messages were designed for you to use as quick responses to common prospect interactions and follow-ups, such as:

  • Inviting Prospect to Presentation
  • Follow-Up After Call
  • Unable to Reach Prospect
  • Upgrading to Member and many more.

Lead Management

Innovative Success System features fully integrated lead management with any of our approved lead vendors. You can manage your account with a single log-in, and control your lead delivery to match your ability to follow-up, as well as:

  • Set Your Daily Lead Delivery Cap
  • Pause Lead Delivery
  • Update Targeting Options-Area Code, Gender, Time Zone, etc.
  • Manage Your Subscriptions

Easy to Use

Features state-of-the-art user interface that has been designed with you in mind. The refreshing design, layout and color scheme integrates the latest web technologies like instant screen refresh, and Ajax applications for remarkably easy navigation. The system also includes an Account Setup Wizard to get you started in minutes, and short functional training videos throughout the system for on-the-spot help.

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